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The Comics Debrief-May 3rd, 2024

The Comics Debrief-May 3rd, 2024
Michel Fiffe celebrates X-Men ‘97 on Twitter/X

Consider this a soft-launch of a semi-regular link post- the .1 issue of you will allow us to use some comic parlance. For the next couple of weeks, we will be testing out ways to collect links as well as formats for these kind of posts.

Igort’s ‘How War Begins’: A Poignant Portrait of Ukraine’s Struggle, Echoing Global Calls for Compassion
Igort’s “How War Begins” shows the human toll of the Russian invasion on Ukraine through personal narratives, urging readers to empathize with the individuals worldwide affected by conflict.


Endnotes: ‘Search and Destroy Vol. 1’ by Atsushi Kaneko
An inside look at the publication process for the English translation of a punk update on a classic manga.
Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix Manga Marks 70th Anniversary With 1st Picture Book
Osamu Tezuka’s memory rises from the ashes. // Osamu Tezuka is heralded as the god of manga in Japan, a patron to the medium. It’s almost no wonder why, as…


Bookscan 2023: comics sales sag but Scholastic was a powerhouse
Marvel and DC had tough years in 2023, while Scholastic made up nearly 40% of book store comics sales, according to Brian Hibbs
By the Book: Dollar Signs or Danger Signs for Comics in the Latest BookScan Figures?
Column by Rob Salkowitz

The Funny Pages

New Comics: Fascist Zygotes, Electric Hummers and More
Investigative reporting about corporate malfeasance and government wrongdoing, analysis of national and world affairs, and cultural criticism that matters.
Cartoonists for Palestine
In front of our eyes, we are witnessing the genocide of the Palestinian people. This is an online archive of cartoonists responding to the ongoing violence.


“I Think After All These Years I Finally Accepted That Comics is Actually my Calling”: Talking with Jay Stephens - The Comics Journal
Jason Bergman interviews Jay Stephens, a longtime indie comics practitioner enjoying a new wave of appreciation for his throwback horror series Dwellings.
ICv2 Interview: Marvel President Dan Buckley, Part 1
On the State of Comics, Marvel and Kids, Superheroes’ Declining Share, Improving Publishing
ICv2 Interview: Marvel President Dan Buckley, Part 2
On Direct Market Distribution, Marvel’s Publishing Plans, Including a New Program for Kids, More
Marvel President Dan Buckley’s ComicsPRO Keynote Address
Transcript of Speech at Pittsburgh Meeting


Jay Stephens, Jesús Hervás, Daniel Clowes, Darren Bell + more nominated in this year’s NCS divisional awards
The National Cartoonist Society has announced the divisional nominees for the 78th Annual NCS Reuben Awards.

On Comics Journalism

For those of you who don't know, The Gutter Review has pivoted to print! The website will be archived, and all future installments will be available via downloadable PDF or -- and this is my favorite part -- mailable physical copies.

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On Gumroad
My Last Sigh - The Comics Journal
Haha, what if I just stopped editing this site? That would be crazy.
A letter from the building’s new superintendents - The Comics Journal
Hello all, welcome and thank you for joining us on this latest junket of the Comics Journal website.

Reviews & Features

City of Glass: It Was a Phone Call That Started It - The Comics Journal
A special, first-time-online transcript of a momentous meeting between four major talents: Paul Auster, Paul Karasik, David Mazzucchelli and Art Spiegelman discuss the making of the graphic novel of City of Glass, at it happened at Comic Arts Brooklyn in 2013.
What Ever Happened to...Frank Miller Presents
Frank MIller Presents has been taken under the wing of Abrams, with deluxe editions of Ronin Rising and Pandora slated for the fall
What It Is – Lynda Barry’s Eisner Award-Winning Book is Now in Paperback, Still Impossible to Describe, But Incredibly Vital – Broken Frontier
Lynda Barry’s Eisner-winning book ‘What It Is’ returns in a new softcover edition, published by Drawn & Quarterly.