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Who We Support

Here at From Cover to Cover, we believe in being upfront and honest about what cartoonists and journalists that I support through their online subscriptions or crowd-funding projects.  Each month, I'll be updating this page and also putting a new post on the site.  As much as this is to be forthright about my own money is going, it's also my opportunity to shout out some of the great work that's being done by the people creating comics, the people who engage in dialogue with those comics, and maybe even a few great movie critics as well.  

MB= Mike is supporting the campaign.

SC= Scott is supporting the campaign.



In the past, Kickstarter has been a wonderful way for creators to be able to connect and sell directly to their audience.  But with the recent news of Kickstarter looking to rework their back end to base it on blockchain and cryptocurrency, we will need to re-evaluate the viability of using that service to be able to support projects that we find appealing.


John Allison (mb)
Katrion Chapman (mb)
Joshua/False Knees (mb)
Jesse Lonegran (mb)
Melissa Mendes (sc)
B. Mure (mb)

Comics Journalism


Broken Frontier (mb)
Rob Clough (sc)
Fieldmouse Press (Solrad) (sc)
Strip Panel Naked (sc)


Sktchd (sc)

Panel x Panel (sc)

Film Journalism


Filmspotting (sc)

Substack Newsletter

The Reveal (sc)


A History of Italy (mb)