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The Comic Bookmarks- VanCAF, Emil Ferris @ CPL, new Manga Awards, Marvel fumbling Pride comic, a couple of returns to the blogosphere and more…

It's the end of Krakoa and I feel fine.

The Comic Bookmarks- VanCAF, Emil Ferris @ CPL, new Manga Awards, Marvel fumbling Pride comic, a couple of returns to the blogosphere and more…
From Mad Magazine #1 (1952)- art by John Severin

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Comic Bookmarks, our regular link post. Since I started this site, I’ve been searching for ways to to this kind of thing on a consistent basis. Since the earliest days of the comics blogosphere, I think our biggest currency has been sharing what other people are doing. That started with link posts. Dirk Deppey’s Journalista at The Comics Journal and Tom Spurgeon’s Comics Reporter were the two big writers who shared links to others‘ posts. Clark Burscough‘s weekly link columns at TCJ continue in the fine tradition of Deppey and Spurgeon and is a Friday-morning must read. Eventually social media took over that responsibility, where we would Hope that a tweet with a link in it would go viral, helping to promote a piece of news, an interview, or a review. But we all know where social media is today. It’s still there but it’s lost its reach as the social media companies attention has wandered and they’ve tried to get into other stuff.

If social media is going to abdicate any responsibility or function to help promote good writing, maybe it’s time for sites like this one (as small and tiny as it may be) to take it back.

What We’re Up To

Gaiman and Buckingham write the new gospel of Miracleman in The Silver Age
You’ve got to wonder what Miracleman: The Silver Age would have read like if it had come out in the 1990s instead of the 2020s.
Feeling Gravity’s Pull in Melissa Mendes’ The Weight #13 & 14
This is one of those rare comics that makes you feel something deep and heart-wrenching. It’s painful to read; that’s part of why it’s so good.


Trans employee slams Marvel’s ‘allies’ Pride series for ‘erasing’ LGBTQ+ voices (exclusive)
Marvel said it would celebrate Pride this year “by looking beyond those of us in the LGBTQIA+ community and focusing on those who support them: the allies.”

Ryan Adamdzeski writes about how Marvel's Pride comic this year is focusing on "allies." An unnamed Marvel employee is quoted saying, "I thought, ‘they're really erasing us,’” and later in the article stated, “I'm trans in November. I'm trans in December. If you're only working with me in the month of June, there's a huge problem." And the book is weird too- it doesn’t seem as focused around these theme as DC’s Pride book this year does. Marvel’s is more of a short story collection that happens to have some queer characters in it. And Wolverine. It has Wolverine.

VanCAF resignations follow controversial ban of Miriam Libicki
After a week of outcry, VanCAF has issued an apology to cartoonist Miriam Libicki, after she was banned from the festival.

Over at the Beat, Dean Simons has an comprehensive rundown of the VanCAF's ban of cartoonist Miriam Libicki at their most recent show, as well as the fallout that happened after it, including changes in the VanCAF organization. This is probably the most in-depth view of these events and definitely worth the read.

Comics Are Ready to Get Retro
Graphic novel publishers are capitalizing on nostalgia with titles that tie into decades-old media properties, both rebooted and rediscovered.

I recently saw or heard something about the film business and its recycling of properties– that it was easier to sell something as "The Fall Guy" than it was to try to sell a new, original film about a stuntman. It talked about how there's an audience that knows and understands what "The Fall Guy" is so you don't have to explain it to them. Half of the sell is done with because they know the concept just from the title. This article seems a bit less cynical about rehashing concepts since it just seems to be good business nowadays.

Cartoonist Caroline Cash Lined Up as One of the Interim Artists on ‘Nancy’ as Olivia Jaimes Takes a Break from the Strip – Broken Frontier
Caroline Cash of Silver Sprocket/PeePee-PooPoo fame is one of the cartoonists stepping in on the Nancy strip as Olivia Jaimes takes a break,

Love this. Can't wait to see what Caroline Cash does with Nancy and Sluggo.

Comic Sites on Comic Sites

Multiversity Says Goodbye: “In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night”
Senior editor Brian says the oath one last time.

I can't say that I was ever a consistent follower of Multiversity. Not because of quality or anything– they just focused on an area of comics that I wasn't as interested in anymore. But you've got to hand it to them for everything that they accomplished.

Not a Hoax! Not an Imaginary Story! Panel Patter is Back!
Comic Reviews and commentary

I'm thrilled to see the return of Panel Patter and Rob & James entering the fray again. James already has a preview of this past week's books up. I'm coming around on the importance of these kind of posts, highlighting work that's coming out any week that you should pay attention to. I almost missed that Precious Metal was out this week and had to take a run back to the comic shop to pick it up. And Rob has a review of the latest G.I. Joe spinoff Scarlett, a surprisingly swell action comic. I loved what Kelly Thompson and Marco Ferrari did in that comic and it sounds like Rob liked it a lot too.

And speaking of returns to the arena...

Warren Peace - Reviewing Comics, Manga, Film, and More! | Matthew Brady | Substack
Regularly publishing reviews and commentary on pop culture, focusing on comics, but also including movies, TV, anime, books, video games, and whatever else I feel like discussing. Occasional reposts from my blog, Warren Peace Sings the Blues. Click to read “Warren Peace - Reviewing Comics, Manga, Film, and More!”, by Matthew Brady, a Substack publication. Launched 16 days ago.

Another friend is back at it. Matt ran the always enlightening Warren Peace Sings the Blues and is now back with a newsletter that you can subscribe to in the link above. If the first week is any indication, he'll be covering a wide range of topics and mediums.


Japan Society, Anime NYC Announce 1st American Manga Awards
Event commemorating manga creators/publishers takes place in NYC on August 22

This is an award program to pay attention to. Looking at the judges, it’s being run by people with extensive knowledge of manga so I’m looking forward to seeing what wins here.

VIZ Blog / VIZ Launches New One-Shots Program
Be the first to read the manga hits of tomorrow, exclusively on VIZ Manga!

This is an interesting move. It will be interesting to see what goes through this program to become full series.

Just a month or so ago, my son was mocking me for being at the bookstore and flipping though any Inio Asano book just because I was waiting for something new from him. This one is already on the Viz app and is pretty good.


Top 20 Graphic Novels - May 2024
Sales Rankings Based on Comic Store POS Data

ICv2 is just using data from the ComicHub point-of-sale system for this? Only 125 stores are now driving this kind of analysis? Honestly, I'm not interested in talking sales but this just seems like a way of trying to hold on to an outdated way of talking about the business of comics.

The Funny Pages


[image or embed]


We've all been there, Mike.


‘I don’t know if many people do a graphic novel the way I did this one’: Talking with Rick Altergott about Blessed Be - The Comics Journal
There has been a lot of anticipation for Blessed Be, Rick Altergott’s first graphic novel, which, of course, stars his comical goofballs Doofus and Henry Hotchkiss.

I remember reading Altergott's strips in the pages of Pete Bagge's Hate and wondering what was up with this guy? I haven't gotten my hands on this book yet but looking forward at some point to catching up with Doofus.

I missed this event last Wednesday at the Chicago Public Library. I need to watch this and then sit down with the book.

Reviews & Features

45 Comic Book Insiders Share Their Favorite Comic Books of All Time
Finding a great comic can be tough. We got help from the best writers and artists in the industry to make it easier.

Men’s Health?

They almost had me and then Mark Waid picked Strange Adventures. The pick and the picker count for a double strike to me.

But honestly, there’s some great stuff in this list.

Marvel’s X-Men Krakoan Age 2019 - 2024: An Obituary
Taking a look back at the X-Men on Krakoa: 2019-2024.
Krakoa Was for Lovers: How the last 5 years of X-Men stories helped save one writer - COMICSXF
Jude Jones reflects on the last five years of X-Men stories - how they saved him, how they varied in quality - and why it’s time to move on.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on what the end of this X-Men era means to me but I don’t know if I really have my head wrapped around it. In some ways, I’m surprised that it lasted 5 whole years and in other ways, I‘m disappointed that it only lasted 5 years. There was always going to be a shelf-life to this concept but the upcoming return to a status quo just feels like a lack of imagination. Maybe I’m wrong there but I probably won’t be sticking around long enough to find out.

Shelfdust’s Column, Jimmy Olsen: Prologue
“Everything round these parts is largely consequence-free, if I’m being honest” By Steve MorrisJimmy Olsen races through a hotel lobby, covered head-to-toe in blood. Don’t worry – it’s not hi…

Love to see this excellent series get some attention.

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