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Gaiman accusations, Ukazu’s next book, manga announcements, French rights to Dan Clowes, and more — Comic Bookmarks 7/7/2024

Gaiman accusations, Ukazu’s next book, manga announcements, French rights to Dan Clowes, and more — Comic Bookmarks 7/7/2024
Solanin by Inio Asano

It’s July. That means all the sites start running SDCC announcements- who’s going to be there, what big signings they’ll be having, and what “major” releases they’ll be hawking. Let’s see if we can survive this month together, shall we?

This week on the site, I spent some time thinking about Richard Corben’s Hellboy stories.

When Richard Corben met Hellboy
The humanity of Richard Corben’s Hellboy work is that it doesn’t try to spare the reader of anything.


Author Neil Gaiman Accused of Sexual Assault by Two Women; New Zealand Police Investigating — GeekTyrant
Author and series and film creator Neil Gaiman , known for the comic book series The Sandman and the novels Good Omens and American Gods , has denied sexual assault allegations made against him by two women with whom he had relationships with at the time, Tortoise Media reports (via Rolli

We can't ignore this one as Gaiman doesn't deny the relationships but denies the allegations of abuse. I’ve been having discussions with some friends- the usual can we still like the art even if we don’t like the artist— and I think this one is harder so far (which maybe explains some of the lack of coverage on comic sites but that could also be due to the fact that these podcasts dropped just in time for a major American holiday and elections in England) because his audience believed that his art was a reflection of him and now this makes us go back and rethink the artwork. Do these accusations now change that artwork?

And as of now, these are just accusations. It sounds like New Zealand police have an investigation open but the podcast that released news has a questionable reputation (Boris Johnson’s sister?) and I haven’t seen any other source do anything but report on the allegations from the podcast itself.

Monsters by Claire Dederer: 9780525564188 | Books
A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK • NATIONAL BESTSELLER • A timely, passionate, provocative, blisteringly smart interrogation of how we make and experience art in the age of cancel culture,…

Above is a link to a 2023 book by Claire Dededer that explores how we engage with art by problematic people.

MariNaomi - Queer graphic novelist confronts censorship
Confronted with censorship, queer graphic novelist advocates for freedom of expression, visibility for comics and artistic rights. Their efforts have made them a significant figure in the fight against book banning, inspiring others as well.

MariNaomi organized a protest against censorship at a local library and writes about her experience doing it.

She also has good news about this protest on her Instagram post about this article. (See her first comment for the good news after you read her article.)

DC’s Orion is “the new emo king” in Ngozi Ukazu’s upcoming sequel to Barda
Check, Please! artist/writer Ngozi Ukazu is working on a second New Gods book called Orion, after the success of Barda.

I was actually hoping for a Barda trilogy, with Ukazu's second book being more about Barda's time on Apokalips after Scott Free escaped but I'll take an Orion book from here.

Comic Sites on Comic Sites

Meet Popverse’s new staff writer, Grant DeArmitt
Popverse is entering year 2 with a new staff writer (and old face): Grant DeArmitt

Congrats, Grant!


Kodansha USA Reveals 12 New Print Manga, 2 Digital Manga
DEAD ROCK, Hauntress, Tower Dungeon, Toxic Daughter: Chi-chan, more licensed

Oh, new Tsutomu Nihei. Over at Anime News Network, they’ve got a number of the publishing announcements that are coming out of this week’s Anime Expo 2024.


Cornelius lance une ″opération tirelire″ suite à une altercation judiciaire avec Delcourt autour des livres de Daniel Clowes |
Sur le marché des comics, tout est souvent affaire de droits. Et plus particulièrement depuis la France, où les enseignes locales ont pour objectif de propager des œuvres produites depuis les Etats-Unis, à coups de signatures, de traductions, de.…

Use the built-in translator function of your browser and check out this interesting French article about the trickiness of foreign rights. There's some reading between the lines to figure out who may have been involved here

This feels like people who can't afford a Jim Lee commission complaining that they can't afford a Jim Lee commission. Last week there was a whole hubbub raised about how much I costs to get a Jim Lee drawing but obviously there are people who have that kind of money around. It's just not you or me and that's alright.

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A Visual Form of Poetry: Eliza Harris in Conversation about Haiku Comics with Shin Yu Pai and Justin Rueff - SOLRAD
Eliza Harris in Conversation about Haiku Comics with Shin Yu Pai and Justin Rueff and their book LESS DESOLATE

Shin Yu Pai and Justin Rueff talk about their poetry comics. It's a fascinating discussion about how Rueff takes Pai's poetry and turns it into comics.

Reviews & Features

July comics preview: an ode to EC Comics and a follow-up to an Eisner Award-winning DC Black Label miniseries
Epitaphs From The Abyss, The Nice House By The Sea, You And A Bike And A Road, and more comics you need to read this month

Oliver Sava is back at the AV Club (where he belongs,) highlighting some books to look forward to in July.

The Best Comics of 2024 (So Far) - Comic Book Herald
Listen, I appreciate that you’re taking the time to read this intro, but every second you waste here is a second you could have spent reading one of the many great new comic books in 2024. So, again, thank you for considering that I might be able to write something here worth reading, but in […]

That's quite a list of books in this mid-year review of what was. I don't think I've even read as many books this year as are on this list.