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#Screenshot Reviews-- The Human Target #2 and Fire Power #18

Check out our capsule reviews of Robert Kirkman & Chris Samnee's Fire Power #18, and Tom King & Greg Smallwood's The Human Target #2

#Screenshot Reviews-- The Human Target #2 and Fire Power #18

I've never been a huge fan of capsule or pellet reviews.  At other sites, we would do them regularly, trying to review a book in about 300-500 words.  Something about that format just never worked for me.  Maybe it was the strict word count, limited to just a certain number of words.  It just never worked.

And yet, I think these #screenshotreviews are the greatest thing.  It's fun to limit myself to something that should fit on one screen of a phone, which ends up being just around 280 words.  It's playing more with form than with some formalistic writing exercise, which is really all these reviews are.    

You can follow us on Twitter (@FromCovToCov) to see these as they come out.  We usually try to post one or two of these a week there and will continue to collect them here every couple of weeks.

This week, we have two "Dad" comics for your perusal.  Click on the title link to see the original tweet and more preview art from the books.

  • The Human Target #23 (DC Comics)
  • Fire Power #18 (Image Comics)

The Human Target #1 by Tom King & Greg Smallwood, reviewed by Scott Cederlund

Fire Power #18 by Robert Kirkman & Chris Samnee, reviewed by Scott Cederlund