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Good Morning Ecclesia, In December we will be going to a new WordPress website, with more teachings and a new round table video presentation. With this new website we will start including any and all research material used in establishing our research. 

Coming Teachings

Very soon a teaching on the Sabbath day will be posted, it is an in depth study of the Old and New Testament teachings on the subject.


It looks as though it will not be until mid-2018 for us to get the  latest study guide updated in the  languages of, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, French and Portuguese. (Please be patient)

Revelation 12; A new Spiritual Awakening, Truth & Revelation

Greetings Ecclesia, I apologize that it has taken so long but what you are about to read will hopefully change your life. The Holy Spirit of Truth has been revealing so much truth it is awesome. This research/teaching is 17 pages long, I have included Alohym's 2017 Calendar so that you can review it along with the research. So, get out your Bibles and Lexicons and dig in you will not regret it. Below are the links. Be Blessed and may Grace and Peace be with you all.  (Updated with Rev 12 Picture)

Question; If the Word of Alohym is true and accurate throughout all “inspired” scripture then the calendar dates provided in those writings would match exactly with His exalted Calendar.  This argued topic has been searched out through scriptural, scientific, cannon and non-canonical scriptural text i.e. The Books of Enoch, Jubilee's and  Upright as well as the Biblical Tanahk and

the truth of the matter will astound you. Want to read this study guide for free?

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Alohym's New Year
Starts -March 17, 2018

The Feast of Tabernacles is now behind us and onward to the New Year and a new Passover season. This coming new year will see growth and new revelation to the spiritual body of Messiah, so dig in and let the Holy Spirit of Truth guide you into His truth.

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Download the New Study/Guide  Rev 7 and use the Bookmarks on the left side of the page in Adobe Reader or 7.0 and higher. Blessings