The understanding of Spiritual discernment and deliverance is one of the gifts spoke about in 1 Corinthians 12:10. Want to know more?

Did God create a Solar or Lunar Calendar, and which one did man create? This argued topic has been searched out through scriptural, scientific and de-canonized scriptural text and the truth of the matter will astound you. Want to read this study guide for free?


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Sukkot: Deliverance

A Deliverance fulfilled Sukkot is being planned for this 2016 Feast. Details coming soon.

The topic of resolving God's calendar to many is not a serious issue; it is most serious and it is the difference of our God knowing who we are (Exodus 31:13).

God's True Calendar

Get God's Solar 2016 Calendar, via download or ask for a free copy. Click here for more details. 

Are We All One Body?

What is the Body of Messiah? Who is the Body of Messiah? Want to know more?