Did God create a Solar or Lunar Calendar, and which one did man create? This argued topic has been searched out through scriptural, scientific and de-canonized scriptural text and the truth of the matter will astound you. Want to read this study guide for free?


Sukkot: Deliverance

A Deliverance fulfilled Sukkot is being planned for this 2016 Feast. Details coming soon.

God's True Calendar

Get God's Solar 2016 Calendar, via download or ask for a free copy. Click here for more details. 

Apply the Good News to Your Daily Life.

The topic of resolving God's calendar to many is not a serious issue; it is most serious and it is the difference of our God knowing who we are (Exodus 31:13).

Are We All One Body?

What is the Body of Messiah? Who is the Body of Messiah? Want to know more?


The understanding of Spiritual discernment and deliverance is one of the gifts spoke about in 1 Corinthians 12:10. Want to know more?