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Are We All One Body?

What is the Body of Messiah? Who is the Body of Messiah? Want to know more? Coming Soon

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Apply the Good News to Your Daily Life.

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Elohim's True Calendar!

To the Ecclesia; May Grace and Peace be with you. The long awaited New Calendar Study/Guide Rev 2 is available March 15, 2017

Passover March 30th 2017

Passover starting in the evening of the 14th of

Abib, Thursday March 30th 2017. The 15th of Abib, Sabbath March 31st 2017. Be Blessed Family

Question; If the Word of Elohim is true and accurate throughout all “inspired” scripture then the calendar dates provided in those writings would match exactly with His exalted Calendar.  This argued topic has been searched out through scriptural, scientific, cannon and de-cannoned scriptural text i.e. The Books of Enoch, Jubilee's and  Upright as well as the Biblical Tanakh and

the truth of the matter will astound you. Want to read this study guide for free?