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It has come to our attention that many brethren around the world enjoy going to this website and that makes us extremely happy.  Covenant Media is here for you and will keep updating this site with all the latest teachings and findings of the stars as Elohim reveals.

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Check out the latest teaching now on this website under the "teachings" tab. More is to come so keep up with all the latest teachings and explore with us the truth  about the "new creature" and a better understanding of the New Testament ecclesia. 


In the next few weeks look for all the reference material to be added to this site. Also, we are translating this study guide into 6 other languages, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, French and Portuguese.

Study Guide Updates 7/5/17

Greetings Brother & Sisters,

Elohim is bringing forth a ton of new information about his cycles of time, so revision 6 will be out soon. Look for most of the updates in chapter 5, just a hint. We have been asked about the celestial events happening on September 23, 2017, Revelation 12:1,2--- here is our answer. The birthing event talked about in Revelation 12 deals with the women (ecclesia suffering) and if this event has significant meaning to Elohim then don't you think it should fall on the day of suffering, the day of Atonement ?  In Elohim's time cycles it does fit perfectly in his calendar and falls on the evening of the 23rd, 9th day of the 7th month. (More coming)

Question; If the Word of Elohim is true and accurate throughout all “inspired” scripture then the calendar dates provided in those writings would match exactly with His exalted Calendar.  This argued topic has been searched out through scriptural, scientific, cannon and de-cannoned scriptural text i.e. The Books of Enoch, Jubilee's and  Upright as well as the Biblical Tanahk and

the truth of the matter will astound you. Want to read this study guide for free?

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Trumpets Sept 15 2017

The Feast of Trumpets, the beginning of fall festival season and the day our Messiah is to return to this Earth in all glory and honor. A day to blow the trumpet as it is the beginning of your months. (Much more coming on this subject)

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