The Occultic Calendar - Updated
Is the calendar you observe filled with Occultism?
Is the Sabbath Day your End-Gathering Sign?
Is the Sabbath day your end-gathering sign? This teachings touches on the facts about the Sabbath day (Old and New Testament) as well as walking in agreement with our Heavenly Father. If we are not Worshipping Him on the right day are we in agreement with Him?

Written Teachings
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Manna, dates and times revealed as given in scripture! - Updated
Just how many days are involved with the giving of Manna to Israel in the Sinai Wilderness
Exodus 19; Covenant Proposal Dates Explained, (Part 1)
After Israel arrived at mount Sinai in the third month, when were the Ten Commandments given and  what dates did they fall on according to Alohym's calendar?
Discovering the Truth about Psalms 104:19 (New)
So many Sabbath believers around the World state that Psalms 104:19 has something to do with the appointed times (Feast and Sabbaths) of Alohym, but is this the truth, read for yourself!
What do you mean, Beginning of your Months? - Updated 8/25/17
When you read the words out of your Bible "The Beginnings of your Months" What is truly be stated here, find out the truth.

Video Teachings
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The Real Truth about the Julian/Gregorian Calendar (New)
This article was  written by "Worlds Last", it gives one an excellent understandingof how the Julian 8 day calendar became the Roman Civil/Religious Calendar observed today. (This Article falls right inline with our Study guide)
Exodus 20 thru 32; Covenant Given Dates Explained (Part 2)
When did Moses really come down the mountain with the tablets of Testimony, the tablets of Stone and how it fits perfectly with Alohym's Sabbath days.
Did Yahusha die at 3pm?
Did our Messiah really die at 3pm as some  religions state, find out the real truth.
The Book of Jubilee's the witness to Enoch, "Truth or Lies"? -Updated
Does the Book of Jubilee's give validity to the Book of Enoch and the Tanahk?